Hi! I’m Khalif

Digital Designer

I'm a creative & technical UI/UX Designer with a background in web development and this is my personal portfolio. I currently work as freelancer Design Director. I would like to provide my expertise in building a modern user-friendly design that will resonate with your target audience.

Visual Design

The visuals of the product should be eye-catching, appeal to your audience, and spark some type of emotional response.

UI/UX Design

The design and workflow of the product should be easy for the user to access, understand, and create actions that lead to a successful experience, easy use of the product, and focuses on maximizing usability.

Front-End Development

HTML5, CSS, and Javascript are technologies that I use for building the visual front-end elements for software, application or websites.


Specialize in building and designing WordPress websites for easy content management.


Helping you Define your brand to your customers to build brand loyalty, amazing user experience, and great customer service.


I love creating the user interface and user experience for apps. Currently, I'm trying to learn app development because I am always trying to push myself further.

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UI Design
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    Understanding the problem is the most important step in my design process. Without fully understanding the problem how can I solve it successfully? It is important to define the true problem one is solving, not just place bandaids on the symptoms or the perceived problem. We'll work together to understand the true problem. This will allow me to best help you.


    After digesting all the information I learned in the problem phase. I do background research on the problem I’m trying to solve. I develop multiple solutions to tackle the issues you are facing and give my recommendation on moving forward.


    Now that I know what the solution to your problems are and direction we need to head. I will create sketches, wire-frames, and gather data to start giving me inspiration to design or develop something amazing.


    Take concepts and form multiple small-scale design solutions. Create and build upon these wireframes, sketches, and workflows to create amazing user interfaces that keep a user-centered mindset. Get feedback and insightful comments and making revisions as needed.


    Once the create phase has been completed and approved, it needs to be tested and implemented. After the that we are ready to ship to the users.

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